Dixon Learning Center Home Page

General Information

Our facilities are operated under secular practices, therefore our teachings and activities are reflective of the seasons, events, and cultural celebrations. In order for a child to make choices, he/she must be aware of options. Knowledge renders a child with information to achieve. Knowledge is an important key to learning for achievement of the BEST outcomes.

Getting to Know You
Upon entry into our program the office manager, family advocate or social worker will provide programmatic information. Within sixty (60) days, a director will formally meet and welcome the new family and respond to any questions and/or concerns. The parents will be made aware of our Open Door Policy which welcomes parents to address a concern with our Director, Joselynne Jones at any time.

Hours of Service
Our center is open Monday through Friday from 7:00am until 6:00pm except on holidays or during emergency closings. At the time of enrollment, an agreement is signed for contracted services. This agreement reflects time needed for child care services which is not to exceed 10 service hours.

Dixon Learning Academy will be closed on the following holidays. Please check our calendar to make sure you plan accordingly.

New Year’s Day
Martin Luther King’s Day
President’s Day
Professional Training Day (DVAEYC) No Charge to parents
Spring Break Day (Friday before Easter)
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Columbus Day
Veterans’ Day
Thanksgiving Day and the Day after
Christmas Day

Parent Meetings
Parents are encouraged to attend parent meetings, which include discussions on child development, common child problems, etc. These meetings will give you an excellent opportunity to meet and talk with some staff members, to give them the benefit of your good ideas, and to get to know other parents who are using the center’s service. We hope that all parents will participate in these meetings. Open House is our favorite parent meeting which is usually held at the beginning of October of each new school year.

Personal Conferences
Our staff will be happy to talk with you regarding your child and any special problems, which you may have. In order to be sure that they will be free to give you undivided attention, please make an appointment. Twice a year, we will conduct a parent-teacher conference to discuss your child’s development. A parent can speak with a director at anytime.

Birthday Celebrations
We recognize the birthdays of all children. If you wish to arrange a special party for your child, we ask that you check with your child’s teacher at least two days in advance of the birthday, and you must supply all items for the party including paper plates, cups, napkins, candles and decorations. We also offer the you option of having your child’s birthday celebration at our location¬†–¬†outside of our regular school day!